Your Pathway to Energy Awareness: Balancing and Restoring Body-Mind-Spirit
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Individuals attracted to or intrigued by Crystals can learn how to work with and intensify the energy that resides within these precious stones. Empower yourself today!


What is Crystal Energy Training?

  • Learning to work with the energy in the Universe using Crystals.
  • Receiving guidance on using particular crystals for specific issues.
  • Gaining understanding about the intuitive connection with Crystals.

Who Can Take Crystal Energy Training?

  • Anyone who is is interested can learn to work with Crystal Energy.
  • People who have been inexplicably drawn to Crystals from childhood.
  • Individuals who are interested in healing and self-empowerment.

Why Take Four Winds Reiki Crystal Energy Training?

  • Empowerment Through Healing and Self-Awareness & Understanding
  • A Powerful Tool to Use for Manifesting Outcomes
  • Enhance Your Current Profession (Energy-Based or Otherwise) With Another Skill

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