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Crystal Energy Training

What is Crystal Energy Training?

Learning to work with the energy in the Universe can be achieved in many ways - one such method being with the use of Crystals. Individuals often find that they have always been attracted to Crystals and are intrigued to learn that they are more than mere objects of admiration. Learning how to work with one of Nature's gifts to access Universal Energy for the purposes of Healing the physical and emotional body can be very enriching, rewarding, and perhaps most of all - empowering.  

My approach to offering training in Crystal Energy & Healing in an online format is to take the elements of what I have previously provided in my live workshops and convert them into comprehensive and explicative self-directed study. Intention is a key factor in working with any energy modality and self-motivated/directed study has proven to create a strong and clear intention which further leads to a powerful and impactful learning experience. This course contains as much and more information as was included in my previously-held live workshops for a fraction of the cost! Students have the benefit of flexibility of completion times along with being cost conscious while still having email access to an experienced practitioner/instructor. 

Who Can Take Crystal Energy Training? 

Anyone who is self-motivated, open to learning, and who is interested can learn to work with Crystal Energy.

Specifically, here are a few reasons for taking Crystal Energy Training: 

  • Empowerment Through Healing and Self-Awareness & Understanding
  • A Powerful Tool to Use for Manifesting Outcomes
  • Healing All Aspects of the Self
  • Enhance Your Current Profession With Another Skill
  • Family & Pet Care
  • Find Your Life's Purpose and Become a Crystal Energy Practitioner - The Holistic Work Sector is Expanding (be sure to check for licensing requirements in your area)

Benefits of Online Training Offered by Four Winds Reiki

Workshops are a great option and are still widely available. Four Winds Reiki has adopted the approach to accommodate individuals who are looking for self-empowerment; this course requires the student to be able to "go within" and really connect with the reason for wanting to work with energy. It is easier than you might think when you can connect with the emotion behind your intention! 

  • Nature of this course encourages the development of trust in oneself.
  • Course is flexible - take it when you want, where you want.
  • Great value for your money - Click Here to Buy Now
  • You have ongoing email support from a practicing Crystal Energist & Reiki Master who created this course - have your questions answered within 24 hours. 

How to Register?

Registering for an online course with Four Winds Reiki is very easy - payments via credit card or bank account are accepted through the secure PayPal platform (You do not have to have or set up a PayPal accounts). You will receive your email with links for all downloads automatically upon confirmation of payment.

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